Turn Again Whittington

Devised, Written, Produced & Directed by

Ray Bellinger 

Assistant Producer

Jill Reid






Pam Badham, Teddy-Ann Shaw, Doreen Murry, Pam Lucus, Peter Bellion, Anita Taylor, Sandy Shaw,

 Bob Woods, Stuart Biseley, Gerry Walker, Jean Hardy, Mike Swollow, Christine Davis & Jean simpson



Piano - Vera Simpkin

Percusion - Henry Simpkin

Guitar - Vic Roughley


Pam's Poppets

Choreography Arrangements and Training by Pamela Maloney

Anna Freer, Christine Dunne, Lillian Streetin, Michael Maloney, Oonagh Hurley, Anne Harnetty,

 Meryl Tedder, Susan Hill, Patricia Wells, Karen Tedder, Mallory Smith & Susan Lightfoot.


Stage Credits

Stage Management

John Barry & Ginge Ferris

Stage Crew

Andy Cameron & Tom Heaton


Doug Read & Cliff Keys


Dick Taylor & Dave Voaks

Properties - Jean Ingram

Hair styling - Ann Spencer-Boyd

Make up - Mike Ford

Continuity - Margaret Voaks


Ray Bellinger & Gordon Gaden

House management

Pete Haggar - Assisted by Club Members

Vocal Coach - Dave Foster


Set designed & executed by Dave Foster

Assisted by Club Members


Executed by Imalda Foster, Joan Lightfoot and Nellie Nodes

Based upon designs by Imalda Foster & Joan Lightfoot


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With thanks to Ray Bellinger