The Shop at Sly Corner

Many thanks to Caroline Harman Smith for the  Programme

By Edward Percy

Produced by Eric Booth


Desious Heiss - Pepi Jelinek

Archie Fellows - Bob Sears

Margaret Heiss - Heather Arnald

Joan Deal - Ida Sugden

Mathilde Heiss - Mary Booth

Mrs Catt - Caral Kirk

Robert Graham - Maurice Blumenthol

Corder Morris -  Eric Booth

Steve Hubbard - George Harris

John Elliot - John Arnauld


Stage Credits

Stage Manager - John Arnaud

Decor - ?? Carrol

Property - Lorna & Terry Phipps

Electricians - Derik James & Alen Scarisbrick

Sound Engineer - Johan Jonsen

Wardrobe Mistress - Bette Caroll Assisted by Carol Kirk

Stage Crew

John Nicoll, Derik Smith & Jim Smith

Programme Cover By Phil Carroll

Business Manager & Publicity - Ian Kirk

Assisted by Betty Waddell


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