The Reluctant Débutante

July 1969








Production Credits

Stage Manager - Lofty Bateman

Assistant Stage Manager - John Broadbent

Properties - Daphne Fenton

Wardrobe - Les Porter/Malcolm Porter

Prompt/ Continuity - Brenda Jennings

Lighting - Brian Pickup

Audio - Don Fenson

Publicity - Pete Cooper

Make-up - Frank Dutton

Decor - George Watkins, Alan Blewitt, Daphne Fenton & Mat Dillon

Front of house - Dennis Wherry

Box Office - Club Members

Poster Design - Matt Dillon

Stage Crew

 Malcolm Porter, Gerry Duggan, Dave Duggan, Harry Sharman & Tony Annal

Unfortunately the full programme for this production is not available.

If you have a copy of the full programme and are willing to share please