Pam Ayres

Pam was a member of the Seletar Theatre Club in the Mid 1960s

The following, giving a very accurate description of Singapore and Seletar in those days, is an extract from her book

At the age of nineteen I was posted to RAF Seletar in Singapore. Here in the thick treacly heat steamed a world I had never dreamedof. Around the wired-in WRAF accommodation there were clumps of enormous Flowered hibiscus, overhead were huge flame trees, and down at our feet gaped shockingly deep monsoon drains. There were monkeys and praying mantis and thin black snakes like boot- laces. In the local markets I was delighted by gaudy treasures to send home. In Singapore city I was terrified by the evil-looking Singapore river as it rolled black, viscous and stinking under the bridge. There were eating stalls to sit at and Nasi Goreng to tackle with chopsticks. There were beggars, prostitutes and transexuals. It was a long way from eating a paper-wrapped sausage at 6.22 am waiting for the bus to Bicester.Seletar had a Theatre Club and a Folk Club, both of which I joined. I appeared in several plays but it was the Friday night get - togethers at Seletar Theatre Club which became important to me. On these occasions members of the club would get up on stage to do an impromptu ‘turn’. I wanted to do a turn as well, but I could find nothing to declaim which corresponded with my own sense of humour or that, saddled with my country accent, I could put over in a way that worked. So I began to write for myself. I really wanted to write funny songs, but having no musical knowledge I just wrote down the words. They formed a kind of jokey poem. The first poem I wrote was called ‘Foolish Brother Luke’. It was about a shaky love affair and was pretty shaky itself. I wrote it so that I, too, could do a Friday night turn. It proved to be the first of quite a lot.

During her membership of the Seletar Theatre Club she appeared in several Productions.

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