Outward Bound

August 1965

Produced by

Tago Reeves


Scrubby - Don Jack

Ann - Theresa Hunter

Henry - John Thorne

Tom prior - Andy Cameron

Mrs Cliveden Banks - Jean Speake

Mrs Midget - Nina Taylor

Mr Lingly - Stan Nodes

Rev. Frank Thomson - Freddie Westcott

Rev. Willian Duke - Stuart Bisley


Stage Manager

John Hobart - Assisted by Jean Hardy

Lighting - Alan Gregory assisted by Ken Vincent

Make up - Mike Ford

Sound - Clive Parkin & Dave Voak

Decor - Jeff Marshall Assisted by Barbara Bisley

Props - Shaun Hogan & Jean Ingram

Wardrobe/Dresser - Nelly Nodes & Sandy Shaw

Stage Crew - Paul Hamilton, Dave Uzzell & Margaret Cooper

Prompt - Margaret Voak

Publicity - Stan West

Posters/handbills - Stuart Bisley

Sales of tickets Pete Haggar & Pam Grey


Unfortunately the full programme for this production is not available.

If you have a copy of the full programme and are willing to share please