Mountain Air

Many thanks to Caroline Harman Smith for the  Programme


Ronald Wlkinson

Produced by

Ernest Martin & Doreen Wilkinson


Doktor Johamm Hubermann - Ernest Martin

Nicolette(his niece) - Carol-Rose Kirk

Anna (his wife) - Carol Kirk

Simpkinson (Ex F/Lt RAF) - Raymond Curtis

Beesdale ( Ex W/Cdr. RAF)  - Ken Pollard

Hamish Laurie - Bill Barklay

Mark Taylor - Alf Wickham


Stage Crew

Stage Director

E. R. Mansfield

Stage Manager

Alf Wickham

Assisted by

J. A. C. Law, Stanley Hutton, Joan Roach, & Georg Harris.

Electricians - Les Benbow & Tony Fenton

Property Manager - Van Farren Assisted by John Price

Sound effects - J. A. C. Law

Business Manager Doreen Wilkinson

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