RAF Changi Theatre Club

The Theatre Club at RAF Changi will be remembered by participants or as audience and the pleasure it provided during their tours. There were many social clubs on the camp. The Theatre Club was also described as a Variety Club and a Drama Group. A very important contribution to Changi life was made by those with talents in the world of entertainment and who performed within the auspices of the Club. The Club functioned under a number of guises and at the beginning, in the forties, it was known as a Concert Party. Performances took place in the Astra Cinema which in 1947 was taken over by the RAF Cinema Corporation. For the next few years the Cinema was the home of a group who called themselves The Changi Players. The Theatre Club and Band Room were in the same block. They then moved into a room at the Junior school. The Changi Players extended their activities, and in the fifties and sixties were performing up to a dozen shows each year.

The programme ranged from drama to farce, revues to opera. The Club’s philosophy was to create entertainment for everyone and to provide the novices with experience in front of a friendly though critical audience, and also to allow the more ambitious types to try their hands at producing, performing, directing and writing plays. The Club continued to thrive throughout the sixties up to the time of withdrawal and during that time the Club was given assistance with the sound effects by CBS. In the 60s and 70s the Club met in a wooden building opposite the Post Office. The Atttic Club was upstairs and the Theatre Club room was next door.